"The prosperity movement that hit the church in the 1980’s left prosperity in the pulpit but poverty in the pews! No one got rich except the preacher!!! But God is reviving and overhauling this spiritual move of prosperity! Jesus is gathering the “Repairers of the “Breech” to bring His truth regarding wealth, finance, and mammon! Stewardship and management will be the spearhead of this move! Those that will work within the laws of prosperity (such as the ones found in 3rd John 1:2) will be made fat. Those that continue with their “something for nothing” mentalities will remain poor in all things!" - Apostle Nona Parker Joliet, IL

"I truly recommend this program to anybody who wants to start the process to change there life for the better concerning their finances the kingdom of God has an Economy!" - T. Bates Joliet, IL.

"MIAD has proven itself to be a truly ethical and profitable investment for the people it serves." - E. Coleman Joliet, IL.

"It's incredible how much we don't know about finances and how to manage our own finances! John has done the research and has taken the time to understand finances beyond the basics. He's passionate about his mission to educate and teach others how financial literacy is necessary for the Kingdom of God!" - M. Howard San Diego CA.

"Excellent biblical information and instruction on getting and using finances as a tool for growth and development." - R. Bradley Cinti, OH.

MIAD is a cutting edge financial institution designed to educate the masses in money and wealth management. Since being a part of this outstanding group, my financial outlook has done a complete turn about! I Highly recommended this to all who are serious about making a change in their economy." - A. Cotton Joliet, IL.

"What can I say about this program. This program has changed the life of my family. John taught me how not to be afraid of my credit or my finances and stand up and take control all through biblical principles. In less than two months my credit score went up over 100 points and so did my wife's score. Three credit cards later, new car and money in the bank, we can see a bright future with our finances and taking back what the enemy has of ours, NOW." - D. Franklin Chicago, IL.

"MIAD ministry literally set the financial course for the Gate Church. John Sidney Martin came down from Chicago with biblical wisdom and instruction which has caused us to experience growth in our finances! Not only is the church prospering but the people of The Gate are also prospering and are excited about giving!!!! You and your ministry will benefit from this ministry!! It is backed by the Kingdom of God and has Heaven's endorsement!! Kentucky Connect!!!!" - L. Peyton-Jarber Lexington, KY.​​​​​​​

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