Dominion Through Stewardship

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The New Commonwealth

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 Generational Wealth

What we do we do not do for our generation alone but for the generations to come after us. It is vital that we leave a strong legacy and provide an avenue for others to join with us in doing the same. Therefore much of our focus will be toward youth programs and initiatives. Proverbs 22:1

 Good Name Credit Building

Cash does not build wealth. Credit builds wealth. So we have developed a system of credit building that repairs your credit during the building process if needed. ​​​​​​​Restoring the most important aspect of who you are which is your good name. Proverbs 22:1

​​​​​​​  The StoreHouse Principle

The Storehouse accounts are designed to be perpetual. This means this is a savings account that is never withdrawn from unless you are totally separating from the fund. This deposit only concept is essential to ensuring that your financial future is stable and lifelong.  Deut, 28:8 / 2Ch. 32:28

 Ministry of Giving & Receiving

The ministry of giving and receiving account is designed to provide our members with monies separated and set aside to invest in each other and to be ready at all times to take advantage of MIAD built-in investment opportunities.  2 Corinthians 8-9 / Php. 4:15


We are On a Mission For You

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MIAD Holdings LLC. is a Biblical Financial Literacy Company whose mission is to fight poverty and eradicate lack by teaching the Biblical Principles of Financial Stewardship. We provide the vehicle to get our clients on track to becoming the best stewards they can possibly be. We believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God and the world's greatest resource of financial wisdom.

We also seek to collaborate with churches, ministries, businesses, and institutions that have the same or similar mission. Participants enjoy a safe and secure way of implementing what they have learned from our training programs in real-time. Your participation includes all access to the wealth of Biblical Financial information that will get you off the path of poverty and on the path of true prosperity. Our proprietary system of saving, borrowing, and lending has proven time and time again to be the right formula to get this massive undertaking to where it is today all by the grace of God.

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Our Main Objectives

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We Are Awesome At Our What We Do

Our members enjoy a safe and secure way to save money while implementing what they are learning from our training programs. Your membership includes all access granted to the wealth of Biblical information that will get you off the path of poverty and on the path of true prosperity by Jesus Christ. As founder and CEO of MIAD Holdings LLC, my promise and fiduciary duties are to help as many people as I can get free from the mindsets that hinder God's ability to bless His people the way He really desires too through the personal and corporate stewardship of their God-given resources. I created MIAD Holdings LLC. as a Sovereign Private Wealth Fund and a financial education company to fight poverty and eradicate lack by teaching and training practical biblical principles of saving, borrowing, and lending using my proprietary system that is designed to use biblical wisdom to teach us how important proper money management is to God and who we are to become in Him. As a member of MIAD, we promise to treat you like family and to be there for you through every financial storm that life through your way. We promise to be vigilant in prayer over your finances even when you may not be or be able to. We are developing an army of financial intercessors the will be equipped and train to pray with you and for you concerning any and every financial situation that you may have. From problems with being a consistent tither to managing student loan debt. You name it we will provide you with a biblical solution and understanding for it.  We promise to always guard your monies and investment with the highest level of integrity and commitment to excellence. We promise that you will experience heavens economic authority in your life if and when you become obedient to God's word concern your finances.   John Sidney Martin

9 OUT OF 10

1 OUT OF 100

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Anita Cotton

MIAD Fund is a cutting edge financial institution designed to educate the masses in money and wealth management. I Highly recommended this to all who are serious about making a change."

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Marquis Howard

"It's incredible how much we don't know about finances and how to manage our own finances! John, has done the research and has taking the time to understand finances beyond the basics."

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Ricardo Santana

"This program has thaught me fixing my credit is not as complicated as it seems. I'm on the road to recovering my good name thanks to MIAD and coach John!"​​​​​​​

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Timothy Bates

"I truly recommend this program to anybody who wants to start the process to change there life for the better concerning their finances the kingdom of God has an Economy!"​​​​​​​

What Our Participants Are Saying